Why You Should Consider Commercial Hand Sanitizer Digital Signage Dispensers Systems

hand sanitizer digital signage

Hand sanitizers are an effective way to sanitize hands. There is no need to rub your hands with excessive amounts of soap and water to clean them. With sanitizing hand sanitizers, you simply take some hand sanitizer with you and use it to clean your hands. Available in over 21.5 or 15.6 inch digital signage panels. This convenient and handy hand sanitizer dispenser features a bright digital signage window. Because digital signs allow you to show more content on a smaller scale, you can show more content in less time.

The built-in Android signage software makes it easy to manage the sanitizing process. You just need to point and swipe your smartphone towards the sanitizing station and the program will begin. The hand sanitizer digital signage software also helps manage the number of times that you have to use the restroom. The Android device will track how many times you visit the restroom. This information will help you decide how many times you should order more products from the dispenser, or how often the product is empty.

On an average, about one person in America becomes ill each day from using poor personal hygiene. When people fail to practice proper hand sanitation, they become prone to diseases such as Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, Syphilis, and Polonium poisoning. With the advanced technology used in the hand sanitizer lcd digital signage systems, it’s easy for users to sanitize their hands. The built-in android device is a touch screen smart phone. Once you get the signal from the smartphone, you just need to activate the sanitizing station and use the restroom.

The touch screen smart phone is a mobile smart phone that comes with built-in sanitizing technology that can easily scan a hand sanitizer bottle with the tap of a finger. You don’t have to touch the bottle to activate the dispenser. Once the scanning is complete, the smartphone shows you a list of numbers or letters which you need to dial. When you dial the correct number, the smartphone shows you a confirmation which says that you have successfully completed the hand sanitizer refill. It is very easy and simple.

Digital signage has now reached the home front as well. When you go shopping, restaurants, movie theaters, etc., you will definitely come across a health club which offers sanitizing dispensers to its customers. This is a great attraction especially when you have an upcoming special event at your favorite place. With the touch of your smartphone or tablet, you just need to give a call to the health club and they will deliver a case of hand washing soap to your seat in less than 30 minutes.

When the health club has a vending machine installed with the dispenser, customers don’t go far from the machine because they recognize the touch screen interface of the machine. This makes it easy for them to reach for the bottle of sanitizing soap. You don’t have to stick your hand into a bottle or open a window to apply sanitizing liquid. Another advantage of using this type of digital display is that there is no chance of spillage of the sanitizing liquid since it comes with a built-in sensor. It has been certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the safety of our environment.

As you watch your favorite TV or surf the internet, do you feel the need to drink out of cups or use a towel to wipe your hands? You can just put a drink in your mouth without thinking about touching the drink with your dirty hands which causes germs to be passed on to others. The touch screen digital signage is designed to ensure that your business and customers are kept safe from germs. Every time the customer taps the dispenser’s display with his or her finger, the built-in touch screen monitors whether the fluid has been properly sanitized.

Installing hand sanitizer dispensers and hand signage may seem to be expensive. However, the fact is that you only spend for what you need. When you consider the benefits you will be able to extract from this purchase, it pays for itself within a short span of time. You will also save money since paper and plastic bags are not used and waste is reduced.