A Wayfinder Kiosk Can Improve Sales

A Wayfinder Kiosk would be a great way to increase productivity at your business, especially during peak periods or busy periods. This would give your employees the opportunity to get some much needed much-needed work done, while reducing labor costs for you. It makes good business sense to invest in a high-tech wayfinder that not only cuts down on labor costs but makes it quick and easy for your customer or potential client to find your location. The right wayfinder kiosk can make all the difference!

wayfinder kiosk

A touch screen wayfinder kiosk is basically a wireless device that is usually placed near entrances to a building such as a store or a mall, where customers or potential clients would have to use hand-held devices to locate their way through the crowd. These would be an ideal way for visitors or customers to get a clear way of locating their way towards their desired destination as fast as possible, without the assistance of a live person. For example, if someone came up to a store and needed help finding the product that they needed, the employee standing there could simply wave them over and show them which aisle had the item that they were looking for.

Modern touch screen wayfinder kiosks come equipped with touch display technology that permits the kiosks to change the content of the signage very quickly and easily. This digital signage is usually arranged on flexible frames, which are then mounted on the ceiling or furniture near the entrance of the building. In addition to using flexible frames, the signage also features digital displays, which usually come in standard sizes and are controlled by touch pads or by an LCD or plasma television.

The most common wayfinder technology is used in conjunction with LCD or plasma televisions. When the establishment’s LCD or plasma television is not working due to power outage or whatever reason, the wayfinder kiosks can be brought to the attention of the customers who would need the directions. The wayfinder is then pointed towards the direction that the customer needs to go to find their way out of the crowd. Since the LCD or plasma television is providing the images to the customer, it is much easier for them to see the directions and follow them precisely, which greatly reduces the chances of them getting lost.

A wayfinder kiosk can also be used in conjunction with an LCD or plasma television. If a business owner needs to show several different ads for their products or services to several different locations, they can easily place their wayfinder kiosk near the entrances to these various locations. Once the advertisement is shown to the customer however, he or she will be able to choose which location it would best suit his or her needs. This way, he or she does not have to walk all over town trying to figure out where the advertisement is located. They can just point and click at the location they are interested in and then follow the instructions.

A wayfinder kiosk can be a very effective piece of advertising for a business. Since wayfinder kiosks are portable and very easy to use, they have the added benefit of helping save money on advertising costs. Wayfinder kiosks help increase sales and bring in new customers while saving businesses money in the process.