Digital Signage Kiosk With Sanitizing Capabilities

digital signage kiosk with sanitizing

A Digital Signage kiosk with sanitizing capabilities provides a new way for healthcare facilities to promote healthy habits and the use of hand sanitizers. The touch screen display is also available in touchscreen, wall-mountable, or free-standing styles. NoviSign is a company that specializes in digital signage software. The company offers several different kiosk models, including touchscreen and wall-mounted models.

The Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer Kiosk from Novisign features a 21.5″ non-touch screen display, a one-year renewable license, and a patented, touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser. The digital signage kiosk also comes with a built-in, one-gallon hand sanitizer dispenser. This sanitizer dispenser can be installed on a wall of any indoor environment.

The hand sanitizer kiosk is an excellent way to prevent illness and spread germs. A built-in dispenser makes it easy to sanitize hands and promote wellness. The unit includes an internal one-gallon auto-dispenser for a quick and easy sanitizing solution. A high-definition digital signage display is available to play media. The sanitizing dispenser is compatible with a wide range of digital signage systems, including interactive billboards and video walls.

The Meridian Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer Kiosk is an excellent addition to healthcare and workplace environments. The hand sanitizer kiosk is equipped with a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser, a 1,000-ml refillable hand sanitizer dispenser, and a digital signage with a sanitizing dispenser. Besides being convenient and functional, it also promotes sanitary practices.

A hand sanitizing kiosk is an excellent option for public health and safety. Its automatic dispenser removes germs and protects against COVID-19, a common virus that causes many illnesses. The kiosk features a large display with a sanitizing dispenser and a high definition 21.5-inch digital signage. The unit also supports liquid and foam hand sanitizers, and is available with a wall-mounting option.

A hand sanitizer kiosk is an excellent addition to a digital signage space. These portable machines are designed to keep germs at bay. A hand sanitizer kiosk is a must-have for public health settings, and a hand sanitizer kiosk with a hand sanitizer dispenser is a great choice. A digital signage kiosk can display news feeds, videos, or message boards.

A digital signage kiosk with a hand sanitizer provides a unique service for businesses. By providing free hand sanitizers, a hand sanitizer kiosk attracts customers and draws attention to the brand’s advertisement. This form of digital signage is one of the fastest growing forms of digital signage. If you’re looking for a new way to advertise your brand, a hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk can be an excellent solution for your business.