How Digital Hand Sanitisers Can Help Improve Healthcare Facilities

digital hand sanitisers

Digital Hand Sanitisers offer a cost effective solution to sanitizing hands before using them for food preparation, domestic or business applications. Digital Hand Sanitisers sanitize hands through ionic bonding using negatively charged crystals. A highly effective sanitizing agent is selected for use with the devices. Hands are placed on a tabletop while a handheld wand collects and analyzes the charged particles.

* Re-Open Time – The time required to re-open the dispenser is dependent upon the amount of footfall that enters the dispenser. For a successful advertising campaign, the re-open time is crucial because it helps to motivate the recipient to re-open the device after each use. Re-opens help advertise events and provide an opportunity to reward guests for visiting. Re-open times are typically short to maximum of 30 minutes.

* Pandemic Awareness – Using a pandemic awareness platform in conjunction with a digital hand sanitisers helps increase awareness of a particular healthcare condition or disease. An additional layer of advertising is added to the marketing mix. When individuals see the logo or message they are more likely to act. This form of advertisement takes seconds to show on the screen. The longer the message is on the screen, the more likely a customer will take action. Hand sanitisers advertising campaigns can also include a digital hand sanitiser dispenser for schools or a community area providing hygiene awareness to residents.

* pandemic response – Following a pandemic the general population may be more susceptible to a new illness or disease outbreak. As a result, the healthcare industry responds by stocking up on digital hand sanitisers and other supplies in anticipation of an outbreak. A pandemic can last anywhere from two weeks to one month. Following the pandemic, sales of personal care items may not return to previous levels due to the increased need for these supplies.

* Marketing in the post-pandemic trend – Following the high profile media stories about the spread of the flu and the West Nile virus, healthcare professionals are embracing the digital signage and digital hand sanitisers as a way of communicating their message to the public. Utilizing QR codes and tracking statistics on usage allows marketers to gauge the trend in digital marketing and reach target markets more effectively. In addition, the trend makes the digital sanitising agents more visible to the public and can provide key information about new or existing product offerings.

* Social Distancing – Utilizing digital hand sanitisers in a socially conscious manner is an important way of maintaining cleanliness in healthcare facilities. For example, many hospitals and health organizations have created digital menu boards for patrons to flip through. The digital menu boards display the sanitary napkins they have selected for the day. When a patron selects a preferred sanitary wipe, the location on the digital menu board is changed to show a cleaner choice or list of all available products. This type of system encourages consumers to use these products when they would otherwise be difficult to access. The increased proximity of digital signage and menu boards create social distancing in the communities that surround healthcare facilities.

* Increased Awareness of Public Spaces – As previously mentioned, the increased frequency of news stories regarding epidemics cause an increase in the awareness of public spaces. As a result of this increased awareness, the use of digital hand sanitisers and other personal hygiene products in public spaces is discouraged. The increased frequency of disease epidemics and outbreaks also increase the cost associated with cleaning services. As such, the use of digital signage, the placement of products on digital menu boards, and the use of similar technology for digital hand sanitisers will decrease the need for the services provided. As such, the use of these products as a social distancing mechanism will help reduce healthcare costs while maintaining adequate hygiene standards.

It is clear that there are numerous ways in which digital signage can be applied to improve healthcare facilities. By creating public information hubs and encouraging consumers to make smart purchasing decisions, digital hand sanitisers can be used to increase public awareness. The use of digital signage software will provide healthcare facilities with additional revenue streams while maintaining high standards in hygiene. In addition, it will allow for greater communication between staff and patients, improving service quality.