The 4 Different Types of Kiosk Touch Display Technology for the Ecommerce Industry

types of touch screen kiosk

When designing a touchscreen kiosk for the Ecommerce Industry, you should be aware of the different types of touch screen technology. You have to know what your customers want to use and what type of interaction will be most comfortable for them. In addition, a good design will boost your resume. PC screens connected to desktops are not ergonomically sound. Holding your hands out to the screen and trying to perform multiple finger gestures is exhausting. Touch screens are a good solution to this problem.

Outdoor wall mounts

The Outdoor Wall Mount for Touch Screen Kiosk is a versatile option for kiosks that need constant climate protection. The kiosks can be placed outside in any season and offer full motion for optimal viewing. Its durable stainless steel hardware is designed for durability and can be paired with most indoor and outdoor displays. An Outdoor Wall Mount allows for 24-hour operation, allowing you to keep your kiosks up and running even during inclement weather.

Outdoor wall mounts for touch screen kiosks have many benefits, including a high-resolution screen and fan cooling. They have a multitouch touchscreen hidden behind glass, which keeps the screens cool, even when the kiosk is in direct sunlight. And for added security, outdoor kiosks are fitted with a theft-deterrent lock to protect them from vandalism. These wall-mounted kiosks can be used outdoors in many conditions, including in public places where people can come and go without getting lost or robbed.

Indoor standing

If you’re looking to build an interactive display for a retail store or mall, an indoor standing kiosk touch display may be just the thing. With custom software, the touchscreen can be customized for your specific needs. Whether you need a simple menu system or an elaborate interactive experience, touch screen kiosks are the perfect solution for any situation. The touchscreen allows you to add as much or as little content as you want. You can also customize your kiosk with a range of other features, such as content management software, a webcam, and other accessories.

In addition to their high-tech design, touch screen kiosks can serve as a great advertising and marketing tool for your business. They also can be used for marketing and collaboration purposes. With these features, you’ll be able to connect with customers on a whole new level. And the great thing is, you’ll never have to lift a finger to sell to customers. With a touch screen kiosk, you can connect with customers on a whole new level!


If you’re interested in a multi-touch touch screen kiosk, you have a few choices. This type of kiosk is typically used in retail settings and hospitality, and is also available for use in banks and public institutions. You can select a free-standing kiosk for indoor use, or a wall-mounted poster or Totem for outdoor use. Both types feature a super-fast touch-screen display and are dust and water-resistant.

A multi kiosk touch display recognizes multiple points of finger contact, which speeds up user interaction and facilitates advanced functions, such as fast-scrolling and gesture commands. These advanced technologies focus on improving the overall user experience, and support more informed transactions. These features boost customer satisfaction and retail sales results. A multi-touch touch screen kiosk has a variety of benefits that make it a viable option for any business. You can use one for wayfinding, bill payment, or ticket dispensing.


Touch-capacitive kiosks are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications for the Ecommerce Industry, from advertising and wayfinding to informational directories and voting. They have a wide viewing angle and come with an array of connectors, including Wi-Fi and USB. They are available with a touchscreen or a touch screen that requires an external power adapter. Depending on the size of the space available, a variety of configurations can be selected.

The Sycop Multi-Touch Kiosk comes with an RGB lighting option and supports up to 7 different colors. It also has a life-size interactive display and ultra-accurate PCAP touchscreen technology. Its responsiveness is less than 5 milliseconds, which allows for smooth customer touch. The Sycop Multi-Touch Kiosk is suitable for business establishments with a high number of employees. Interactive touchscreen kiosks offer many benefits, including lead generation games and interactive campaigns.